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What We Do

CALLCENTRIS is a 24-hour State-of-the-Art and high value contact center, specializing in customer care and administrative support. We utilize well trained, highly fluent support staff to provide polite and concise support to professional environments. Our work process ensures seamless support between in-office staff and our support professionals.

Professional Support

Beyond being well trained, your Callcentris professional staff will be assembled to compliment the business that you operate. For instance, registered nurses in training are used to provide support for medical offices. These individuals are not only fluent in English, but are also fluent in medical procedures, examinations and diagnostics.

Our Commitment

Callcentris provides a level of service that will exceed your

expectations and the needs of your customers.

The services we provide ensure that your business and your customers achieve the resolution needed with the highest level of care possible.

Advantage of Outsourcing

The decision to employ an outsourced contact center is widespread and long acknowledged to be an effective solution. Major benefits contributing to this are:

Improved Business Focus and Optimization
We focus on providing auxiliary services your business needs with excellence, so that you can focus on executing your business plan and finding new areas of growth.
Better Coverage
The option of 24-hour, 7 days a week, and 365 days per year availability, irrespective of the working hours of the client’s company.
Increased Time to Enjoy Life
We answer the calls during off hours, and perform tedious administrative tasks dependably, so that you can enjoy the fruits of your hard work.
Time Saving
Planning, managing, and maintaining a contact center are demanding and time consuming tasks. With an outsourced solution, the client gains valuable time for its core business and employees are able to focus on their primary responsibilities.
Cost Efficiency
Office space, equipment, software costs, management, supervisors and agents are shared, and are therefore better utilized, which results in a lower cost per contact. The client does not need to invest heavily in hardware, software, and workforce.
The work of our experienced and carefully selected, full-time agents is performed under the supervision of team leaders. The use of knowledge bases, ongoing training, performance measurement and statistical reviews all increase the level of professionalism.
Contact Overview
Dedicated equipment with our own software solutions for accurate contact documenting, recording and statistical report production is used. This enables our clients to receive a complete overview of the business communications with their customers.

Our Employees and Systems are your Business Edge

Our Employees

Your agents are fluent in English, trained in communication, friendly, well-educated, reliable, and exceptionally proficient. They can also be assembled to have technical background in your business sector. As a result, our client’s customers receive professional care, with knowledgeable professionals, from the first moment they make contact to enhance customer experience. Most of our agents are full-time employees, which ensures improved knowledge of our clients’ requirements and a greater work motivation.

Their work is performed under the watchful eye of experienced team leaders, who continuously monitor the quality of work and consistency in accordance with the client’s instructions. They also organize education and training, including SDI, NLP, dialogue courses, advice on handling demanding customers, and sales techniques.

We are aware that the excellence of our service also depends on employee satisfaction. Our agents are provided with a positive work environment, which affords them a continuous personal development. Their positive attitude is reflected in the communication with customers, who appreciate this personal approach.


We use specifically designed programs to keep track of contacts, produce customizable reports and inform our clients. We also utilize high-capacity telephone, chat, email, web and database servers, operating in our private cloud. This includes customized and unique customer care phone numbers that are assigned to your business.

As a rule, high-end equipment with redundancy (where possible) is used.

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